Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Domestic night

Not very often that I have a dream that upsets me, but the first part of my nights journey did somewhat.
I was at my family home in the kitchen, I am a child again, my younger sister and dad are also there.

My sister is giving my dad some attitude and I start to have a go at her, telling her to be respectful.
My dad then berates me for shouting at my sister and I then begin to argue with my dad. I look up and see a hole in the kitchen ceiling.

My wife then appears and says she wish that she had met my dad as he died before we met, I look puzzled as I had only just seen him in the kitchen
All really unpleasant as I can honestly say that I never once argued or fell out with my dad in his lifetime.

The next part of my dream involves a very tall man with a broken arm, he is drunk and complaining that I caused him the injury. I don't appear to be denying it and have little sympathy for him.
I notice that under his jacket he is wearing a green paramedics uniform.

Finally I enter a house just as a teenage girl is leaving and she storms off up the street.
I go in to find the teenagers Mother, Aunt and younger sister all crying. After several minutes to calm them all, I am told they have all had an argument.
The Aunts mobile phone rings and she puts it on loud speaker.
It's my friend Chris shouting 'Merry Christmas'!
It's February?
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