Saturday, 11 February 2012

Contortionist stunt driver

Initially I am in a room within a house. Right in the middle of the room is a stair rail either side of some steps descending down into the floor.
I am playing in a football match, there are a lot of people crammed into the room for the sporting event which is made all the more difficult by the stairs obstacle.
Despite this I manage to score a goal and happy with this achievement, I leave.
I exit into a school and bump into my friend Indie who shouts at me that the school is being evacuated and that I must leave. I take his advice and walk out and find myself walking down a long tree lined country road.
I look beyond a hedge and see a house moving at speed in a field. Not even blinking at this odd sight I then see a boy on a very small moped approaching me. The boy has both his arms full of boxes and is riding the moped hands free. He passes me and as he goes past he turns and looks at me, mumbles something under his breath and disappears from view.
I reach the end of the lane and find that it has become so small that just a tiny hole remains where the road vanishes into. The hole is not big enough to crawl through but I manage to contort my body by dislocating my arms and legs and squeeze in and out the other side.
On the other side I immediately find myself travelling at great speed along a road in the city of Peterborough. I am going so fast I think that I must be in a car but when I look down at my feet my legs are stationary but levitating from the floor. I gather momentum and I am approaching a traffic light junction. Ahead I can see a Hollywood film set all ready to film a scene.
Just at the precise moment I hit the junction I take off in the air as a car stunt driver flies over my head to a scene of flames and explosions.
I hear an angry cry of 'CUT' and the scene is ruined by my appearance.

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