Friday, 24 February 2012

Big Brother in the toilet

Using the wonders of the modern age I am able to use a phone to make contact with both my sisters. I can see them on the screen of the phone but the view is from above as if from a CCTV camera or drone.
They are in a huge mansion, my younger sister is lazing by one of the two swimming pools and my older sister is riding a bike around the grounds.
From my phone I am able to manoeuvre the camera and watch as I chat to them.
I watch as my older sister franticly cycles out of the grounds of the mansion, into the street and hits a rubbish cart head on. She gets up, brushes herself down and continues chatting to me.

I then walk towards a toilet cubicle and notice Vince from work behind me. He is wearing a knitted roll neck jumper. He asks if my sisters are enjoying staying at his house.
I enter the cubicle followed by Vince and four other people. The doors slide closed and it becomes an elevator but the toilet is still there. I ponder briefly about using it but decide I can't with an audience.
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