Saturday, 4 February 2012

All is not as it seems

Rather a mixture of things floating in my head last night. I awoke with the Thompson Twins song, Hold me now, playing over and over. A hit in 1983.
To start with I meet two very gay men in the street, before they can engage me in conversation, I produce a pair of scissors and proceed to cut them out as life sized cardboard cutouts.
Next I am escorting former Portuguese international football player, Luis Figo along with my wife from his release from prison. We are taking him to the drapery shop that my mum used to work in my home town. As we enter the shop, Luis, clearly not reformed from his spell in the big house, starts to shout and swear at us. We take exception to this and promptly floor him and demonstrate our displeasure at his behaviour by giving him a few carefully administered punches to the head.
We, my wife and I that is, are next on a coach, I am looking for a pair of thermal leggings to put on as it is very cold. I'm looking through clothes draws for them and do so for what seems hours. Finally I give up look out of the window to see my wife parking my car and as she gets out and zaps the remote, it transforms into a tank.
Next we are moving house and I'm attempting to collect our two cats and dog from the parcel shelf in the coach.
To make things easier, both the cats have turned into rabbits and the dog is now a hamster. All exactly the same colour as they were in their original forms but now easier to catch and to store into cardboard boxes for transportation.
As far as I'm aware, Luis Figo has never spent time in jail.
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