Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Violent spouse & frozen spatula

Let me begin with the song I woke up to today. Yes Sir I Can Boogie, the 1977 one hit wonder from Spanish duo, Baccara.
I'm firstly visiting my wife who has landed herself in police custody for punching her boss. Shame really as Gordon is a lovely man and didn't deserve the black eye he was sporting when I saw him.
I leave the police station having failed to persuade them to release my spouse and head off for an exercise class at my former school.
As I walk all the streets are becoming frozen and I am holding a spatula, it starts to make sounds of ice forming at a rapid rate and I look at it to witness it freezing before my eyes.
The cracking of ice as it takes a grip of my kitchen utensil fascinates me and I watch as it becomes engulfed in an arctic tomb. The final part of it is frozen, the sound stops and the end of it falls off!
As part of my recall of dreams I often wake, make a note on my phone for reference and drift off again. I was doing this last night but again as previously was writing with pen on paper thinking I'd recorded my dream. I woke realising that I'd dreamt I'd written them and thought I'd not written anything. But I had!
I do have a spare spatula by the way.
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