Friday, 20 January 2012

Victorian smell-o-vision

I laid in my bed last night thinking I was awake as I could smell a muscle spray, it's a very strong odour and unmistakeable. The door to my en suite opened and I thought it was my wife coming into the bedroom but it was a guy called John that I worked with about 10 years ago and haven't seen since.
John said he was in the adjoining room, which on inspection wasn't my en suite but another bedroom. I asked John if he had any muscle spray on and he did. I explained that I could smell it while I was asleep.
I go back to bed and find that a couple of young children dressed in Victorian costumes are hiding under the quilt. My wife is awake now, the bedroom door opens and a procession of Victorian women surrounds our bed.
They call the children out and take them away with them, I look over at my wife who is sound asleep, the adjoining room is now my en suite again and the muscle rub odour has gone.
I think I was awake at this point, but who knows?
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