Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spanish puzzle & school of death

Last night started with me in Spain with my friend Timmy, we were on bicycles heading to a fish and chip shop. Once arrived at said chip shop, I started to open a box full of parts for a camera. I opened all the parts and started to assemble it, but found no actual body for it. All I had was some lenses, a few nuts and bolts and a pair of sunglasses, one of which had a clear lens.
Next I find myself along with my wife in an old school that is derelict. We are standing along a wall with other people that we don't know when Derek, a supervisor from my work enters holding a shot gun.
Derek starts to shoot everyone until just myself and my wife are left standing. He smiles and tells us to come with him, saying we likes us so won't kill us.
As we are leaving I see a group of men placing dead animal carcasses around, there are cows and sheep but their bodies are very decomposed.
Looking out of a window I watch a car driving at speed up and down the road performing hand brake turns. The car spins and the back end smashes into a wall and bursts into flames. I watch laughing as a man and woman franticly attempt to get free from the burning car.
I continue laughing out loud as they smash the front windscreen and climb out screaming, both with their hair ablaze.
It really isn't big or clever to show off in your car.
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