Friday, 27 January 2012

Sliced sausage & shiny floor

For some unknown reason I had decided that it would be a great idea to slice my penis up like a cooked sausage.
This of course was a terrible idea as I then had to put it back together again. I visited an old style hardware store that had a man in a brown coat behind the counter. I explained my predicament to the man who said he had just the thing and sold me a tub of penis cream for £12.10.
Along with a free tube to hold the slices of chopped man member in place whilst the cream glued everything in together, I left happy that I was fixed.
I am next in Ilford which is situated in Essex. I need to get home but needed a bus and then a train. The whole city centre is in the process of being re paved and roads were closed, diversions in place and it was chaotic.
The pavements were all coated in a shiny reflective substance and everyone was wearing sunglasses as it was too bright.
I head to the bus station but find no buses are running due to road closures.
Warning. Please do not attempt to slice intimate parts of your anatomy, this was done under controlled dream conditions and would result in serious consequences should it be carried out whilst awake. Definitely do not try this at home!
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