Monday, 9 January 2012

Sky diving bus driver & late night cleaner

I begin by chatting to a friend at work called Lorna who is explaining how she isn't going to do any work as she is feeling lazy.
I leave her and suddenly find myself falling from the sky, free falling as a sky diver. I land in the street having not deployed my parachute. I am remarkably unhurt.
I then climb into the drivers cabin of an old style London red bus and proceed to smash into everything in my path as I can't actually drive a bus.
After causing total carnage I leave and go home.
It is the early hours of the morning and I am franticly cleaning the house. The TV and light are on in the living room as I clean the bathroom.
I am berating myself that the sink isn't up to my high standards when the sound from the TV stops. I look into the living room to see that it's off and the light has been switched off too. I know that someone is there as the light is still on where I am.
I slowly and tentatively start to edge into the room expecting to find an unwanted guest. As my head firstly peers into the room with eyes bulging wide I spook myself imagining all sorts of horrors and begin to scream. My wife shakes me and I awake with her in the bed having hold of me once again as I disturb her sleep.
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