Monday, 23 January 2012

Rocky Road bitch fight

This mainly takes place in my works canteen during a busy day shift. The canteen has been replaced by a house and lots of people are packed into it having a break.
I am sitting with a huge slab of Rocky Road cake along with Derek and Sonia, they are both eyeing up my cake and I eventually offer them some as I can't stand their wide eyed pleading looks.
Sitting across from us is James, he looks angry and is staring arms crossed at us enjoying the cake.
An old lady enters the room and sits slightly across from James and intently glares at him, this makes him even more annoyed and he gets up and puts his feet into to the spinning brush of an electric shoe shine. He is wearing the same fluffy pink slippers that I was wearing in the previous nights dream.
Suddenly Az enters the room and grabs James around the chest and pulls him from the shoe shine, next ensues what can only be described as a cat fight with both men slapping and pushing each other shouting 'bitch' and 'you brute'.
It's a very unsightly and undignified scene from two so called professional men. I walk outside to avoid becoming involved in the embarrassing carnage leaving my Rocky Road to be devoured by Sonia and Derek.
Outside is a service station, with a shop, petrol pumps and large car park. I find my wife in our car and we drive out immediately having our path blocked by a grazing horse.
My wife suggests we go back inside but I persuade her that watching a horse is a preferable option.
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