Tuesday, 24 January 2012

London taxi & river rescue

As soon as I fell to sleep last night I was woken by my wife almost immediately as I was shouting.
The reason for this was that I was crawling along some air conditioning duct in a building site, a vocation of mine some 30 years ago. There was a man ahead of me and he was frightened to turn the corner saying there was someone there going to kill him.
I told him not to be stupid and he crawled a bit further and was promptly stabbed in the head several times. I just said "sorry about that", pulled out a pistol and fired shots into the assailants head shouting as I did so.
After a rib nudge from my spouse I continued to dream.
I am with an Asian girl and her little brother discussing how to use her dads taxi to drive to London. The little brother passes me £5 and an empty envelope. The girl and I head off into a school assembly, the head teacher arrives and it is my wife's mother. We leave are are walking in the underground scene from Modern Warfare 3.
We reach my mums house and upon entering my old bedroom my mum exits it having just cleaned. We look down on the floor and we have left muddy footprints on the carpet. Mum then sets about hoovering it up but her vacuum stops working. On the wall is a poster advertising trips to Lithuania.
We go downstairs into the kitchen and the girls dad and little brother are there and the dad just says 'I know about you two', the little brother has a guilty look and slips out if the room.
Finally I am walking along the riverside with my dog when I see a boat drifting off out of control and a man has fallen overboard, his head the only thing visible above the water.
I shout out for help, instantly making the decision I'm not going in the water.
A St Johns ambulance worker appears and plucks him from his watery predicament.
The hero rescuer is being praised by all around and I just wander off happy that I haven't got wet.
I walk over a bridge where a woman has her suitcase on a rope that has entangled in the steps. I untie it for her and she offers me her hand and introduces herself as Mary. I just look at her and say, "Hi, I'm Maximus".
I walk off with her suitcase.
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