Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jack Russell Tiger & cheesy goldfish

A couple of out of body experiences during the course of last night.
Firstly as I drifted off my wife was reading and I could feel her grabbing my hand and tickling me. I could see myself laying in bed and attempted to move but was frozen and couldn't speak. After what seemed ages I bolted upright pulling myself out of my semi conscious state, shouting as I did and alarming my wife who was still reading and had not moved since I fell asleep.
Back off to sleep and I am running around the house attempting to catch my Jack Russell who is being playful, a small boy is also trying to assist me in catching him. We run into the garden where puppy has transformed into a fully grown Bengal Tiger. It is at this point I decide that I no longer wish to apprehend the puppy and go back inside.
Once inside I see my father in law who is eating toast. He offers me some and then proceeds to sprinkle cheese into the fish tank and apologises that I can't have cheese on my toast as its for the goldfish.
I then notice my wife laying beside me in bed and she is sobbing and very upset. I comfort her and tell her everything will be ok.
I ask her why was she crying and she informs me that she wasn't. Between me seeing her cry and asking her this I have awoken and engaged in conversation with her.
All very odd.
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