Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I love it when a shopping centre comes together

A very detailed adventure from last night, in that it was a very well planned precise military operation.
Headed by actor George Peppard in the style of Hannibal from the A team and with myself as his number one, we embarked on a mission.
We both start by being outside of a large wired fence that holds what looks like a prison. There is a large twisted tree that has branches hanging over the fence. I climb up the tree and drop with a roll into the grounds followed by Hannibal. I look up as hundreds of helicopters hover and soldiers descend on ropes. Thousands of us crawl and hide behind other trees and wait for the signal from our leader to move on to the entrance.
We move towards the doors which as we approach are electric glass doors and have a metal shutter on the inside. After the precision ascent of trained personnel and stealth approach to the entrance undetected for the element of surprise, I ring the door bell!
Hannibal glares at me and I then push a button that raises the shutter and we all charge in shouting.
Once inside we find ourselves in a shopping centre full of unimpressed women in stalls and shops.
Undeterred by our apparent misjudgement, we then decide that as we have gone to so much effort we will claim the shopping centre as a new independent state and celebrate by throwing items from the shops at each other and firing our guns into the air.
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