Friday, 13 January 2012

I cant do it if your watching!

In a lot of dreams I am using the toilet or going somewhere I shouldn't be, this coincides with me actually needing the toilet when I'm asleep and it transposes into my dream.
I enter a public house that also has a small shop inside it. I enter the toilets and find that the cleaning lady is inside so I enter a cubicle. The toilet basin is very old and has a wooden seat.
I attempt to go about my business when the door opens and the pub landlady is there and she places a towel over my head. Both her and the cleaner are then watching me.
This disturbs me somewhat, causing me to urinate over my trousers.
I leave unfinished and go to a fridge where I select a bottle of vodka for my sisters birthday present. As I open the door to leave I pull the handle off and hand it to the landlady with an apologetic glance.
As I leave the pub I am in a small market town close to where I live and my whole family are sitting on chairs in the middle of the town surrounded by market stalls.
They are eating fish and chips, I attempt to sit down with them but there are no seats left.
I leave disgruntled with a bottle of vodka and damp trousers. I attract some disapproving looks.
Bad times.
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