Sunday, 15 January 2012

He can play!

Only the one scene from last night, it involves an extremely large gathering of various people, one of which was myself.
I was in some kind of large room and everyone was just generally wandering about and there was a buzz of chatter and movement.
Slightly raised on a stage was a large grand piano and a stool. I notice one of the crowd as Neil a colleague from work. He slowly made his way up the couple of steps and sat himself at the piano.
Suddenly Neil starts to play, starting with a blues number, his playing grabs the attention of the crowd, who all stop and listen.
Neil then goes onto various other styles of music, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Rock n Roll. Each time building the crowd into a state of excitement.
The dream just kept going on with Neil playing and receiving rapturous applause from the crowd.
I have no idea if Neil can play, but he is such a showman I think he should take it up.
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