Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Eastenders massacre

For anyone unfamiliar with Eastenders, it is a soap opera that blights the otherwise credible reputation of the BBC. A dismal portrayal of life in the East End of London full of moaning fictional characters that have the most unprecedented run of bad luck known to man.
It is in this back drop that I enter waving a handgun, calmly walking around the set and expertly shooting the characters in the head one by one thus putting a premature end to their woeful existence.
Clearly this behaviour attracts attention and I soon have to make my escape but not before executing at least 10 of them.
I run off set and jump back into the real world finding myself with Richy from work. We are at the rear of a house in the garden looking for someone we think is in the house.
We are about to smash the back door in when I notice the key on the outside, I open it and Richy goes in but I go back to the front just in time to see someone running out the door into the street and away.
School boy error, always cover front and back doors. Doh.
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