Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dirty washing & Zulu handyman

The first part of my dream involves me spending new years eve in a police cell with a guy I have never met. I spend the entire night with one eye open, not trusting him.
I'm then running towards a house I used to own, I'm fat and have to stop as I'm too unfit to be engaging in any form of physical exercise.
As I enter the house it has changed beyond any recognition and I find myself in the rear garden. It has a farm tractor parked in it, a fish pond and a wooden structure that is incomplete.
A very tall Zulu warrior approaches me and says he is the handyman. I look at the fish pond and half of it is empty with a large hole in the bottom of it. Zulu warrior explains that my work colleague Kyle built the pond and I then seem to understand as he isn't known for his pond construction skills. I suggest a pond liner and Zulu man jumps on the tractor and drives off to get one.
I go into the house which resembles a hotel, there I find my Son's ex girlfriend Debbie who is heavily pregnant by a black male that is with her.
Debbie asks me to remove some dirty washing that has been left by another work colleague called Matt.
I'm struggling to understand why she now owns my house as I didn't sell it to her, let alone why Matts dirty washing is there. I look at a large TV in the kitchen, under it is a dog bed containing a small mixed raced child with a large Afro hair style. He looks sad.
I'm unaware as to the outcome of this dream. I was woken at one point by my wife as she was disturbed by my shouting and frantic arm waving.
It may have been my sleep running, who knows, a swift jab in the ribs from my spouse put a stop to it.
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