Monday, 16 January 2012

Cross dressing, painted train and pooh

A busy night but here goes.
I start by attending a party at my nan's old house, the theme of the party is cross dressing and I am in women's clothing with high heels and make up. Everyone has an action man figure that is dressed as a woman. Mine is dressed identically to my cousin Dawn who is also present at the party. Everyone has made the effort and are really enjoying the party until a work colleague, Lorney turns up and she isn't dressed up. She goes around talking to everyone but just annoys us all because of her lack of participation.
Next I'm on the London underground with my wife at Mile End station, waiting for a connecting Central Line train. As it pulls into the platform it has been brightly painted from top to bottom and resembles a multi coloured tube.
A woman standing next to us has a metal ring hanging from her head and gets clipped on a pole that is under the train, she hangs on the undercarriage preparing for the ride.
We get on and it's so packed with people that I'm starring at three women almost nose to nose. One of them has a runny snotty nose and I do my best to avoid getting covered by her nasal dribble.
Finally I'm at my friends house, Chris has invited me over and I tell him I need the toilet. He directs me to the upstairs bedroom and tells me it's beyond that room. I enter the bedroom and open another door believing it to be the toilet.
I can't see anything obvious that resembles a toilet so I proceed to take a dump on the dressing table.
As I finish I think to myself that maybe on reflection that wasn't a great idea.
I go downstairs, make my excuses and leave.
I guess I'll not be invited back!
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