Thursday, 5 January 2012

Downton Abbey and horse snow globe

California dreaming, the brilliant song from the Mamas and Papas entertains me during my slumber.
Visually I start by being in a house where an unknown man has just finished plastering a wall.
I inform him that a boy has deliberately put a hole in his wet plaster and that he needs to re plaster. The man seems unconcerned by this and insists that it will only take a few minutes to rectify.
Next I attend the grand manor house from the period drama, Downton Abbey.
I'm sitting down to lunch with the cast members, an unknown female and her chubby teenage daughter.
Lord Grantham is telling us about the history of the manor and shows us a horse snow globe which he informs us is worth a lot of money. As he tells us this the chubby girl looks interested and I guess from her expression that she intends to steal it.
I awake at this point humming California Dreaming.
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