Thursday, 26 January 2012

Black & white diva, onions & Jr Doctor

Last night was set to the sound of REM singing losing my religion.
I attend along with my wife and friend Lee-Ann the house of a work colleague called Lorney.
Lorney along with her mother are delighted to see me dressed in a smart suit, tie and a long scarf. In the corner of the room is another work colleague, old man Geoff.
Geoff has a sore throat and can hardy speak, he explains that he lives here now as he was staying with our supervisor, Derek but Derek was too loud and Geoff needed some peace.
Next I am actor Stephen Tomlinson and I am at a film studio as agent to 1930s child star, Shirley Temple.
The director points out to me that I have a stain on my suit and then says that Shirley is being a diva demanding pickled onions and jam.
I tell the director she is not having them and she starts to act her scene. Oddly she is in black and white whilst all around her is in colour.
I'm next at home and decide to break into my neighbours house while she is out. I climb around the rear of her property and smash a window. When inside I find photos of my neighbour of 30 years ago and also find she has a pink sofa.
I try and steal the pink sofa but can't get it out of the window. I abandon the plan and leave.
Finally I'm a Jr Doctor in a busy hospital. I'm seeing a 55 year old man who is complaining of heart pains.
My suggestion for him is to get a dog and go on long walks, to which he is somewhat bemused.

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