Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bimbo boss, man of gold & dog sheep

A brief dream that involves me heading to Scotland for a works conference. All the big wigs are there and as we are all seated in rows facing a podium, someone shouts, 'attention'. We all stand as the top big wig enters the room. I look round and a blonde bimbo struts in giggling and flirting with all the men, blowing kisses. She is dressed in pink.
I leave and enter a cafe where on a table is my broken remote control helicopter that my in laws bought me last year.
I next find myself out in the countryside with my dog. I see a small yellow man called Mark sitting in a bush. Mark is about 3 inches tall and has a flat body, he is a novelty book mark, hence his name. I say out loud, 'Mark'!
I take Mark out of the bush and notice he unscrews in the middle, something he has never done before. I remove his upper body to discover he is filled with gold dust. I put Mark back together and head home happy.
I then notice my dog is running as fast as he can across a field being chased by a sheep. The sheep is running faster than I've ever seen one run before but he is still no match for my boy. As I watch I notice the sheep transform into a small Border Collie.
I call my dog who follows me home with our treasure filled yellow man.

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