Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ant baby, Orient Express and police brutality

Ok a mixed bag from last night starting with me losing my dog in the darkness of the cold night. My wife and I were totally despondent and crying. A happy ending in that at first light I see him trotting happily along the street towards my mums house and we are reunited.
I next attend a village church for a service, but can't get access into the place as all doors are locked. I finally find a door around the back to get in and as I open it and enter the entire congregation falls silent and turns to look at me. The vicar shouts out 'Be gone'!
I turn and run and find two women outside standing by a pram, a baby is laying on the floor and is covered in swarming ants. The women seem fascinated by this and do nothing to help the infant.
I'm next attempting to board a train but not any train, I have a return ticket for the World famous Orient Express.
I'm on the platform and glance down at my ticket which I notice has the return journey date as Wednesday, today being Saturday.
I go into an office and a really friendly man offers to show me the bus stop out in the street to help me get home as I'm a few days early for my train trip.
As we enter the street there is a major police presence and they suddenly surround the bus stop encircling a man on a motorbike. The cops start punching and kicking the man and he tries to drive off. He only gets a short distance before being knocked off his bike and the cops swarm on him just as the ants had previously covered the baby.
The man with me looks on unconcerned and just says, 'it's ok they are allowed to do that'

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