Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Who do you think you are Joe Brown?

Jar of hearts by Cristina Perri echoes in my head this morning, the haunting lyrics playing out last night to accompany popular 1960s rock n roller, Joe Brown as he attempted to win Four in a Bed.
Four in a bed for those of you that haven't experienced this televisual feast, is a Channel 4 programme that puts rival Bed and Breakfast owners against each other to find the best establishment.
Last night Joe was entertaining the other owners at his B & B by singing, cooking and being generally the chirpy cockney he is best known for.
Joe was cooking breakfast in a giant wok in which every ingredient was placed and tossed like a pancake. One of the main ingredients being cabbage, which wasn't going down too well for a breakfast fry up.
Joe despite this was ultra confident that he was going to win the competition and was showing an air of arrogance. He proceeded to serve up the food straight from the wok and was bragging that he was going to win as he did so.
Now I don't know what your views on Joe Brown are, you may not even know who he is. Personally I didn't have any negative views on him prior to this dream, but I do feel now that he is a self assured show off that has used his fame to over inflate his ego.
Sorry Joe but you brought it on yourself.
By the way Joe is not a cockney as he was born in Lincolnshire.

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