Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What is your problem square pants?

For the first night in a while I have a song playing over in my head. Today it's Always a woman, by Billy Joel.
Last night started with Spongebob square pants constantly looking at me. Every time I looked up there he was giving me a disapproving glare.
No idea what his problem was, but he clearly had an issue with me.
I was out in the countryside with beautiful rolling hills, it was a sunny crisp spring morning. I was watching my wife pot holing, as I witnessed her descend below the ground I felt a burning sensation in the back of head. I turned around and there was Bob again just glaring at me.
I walked away into the flowing green fields and into a valley and found my wife asleep on the grass.
I bent down to kiss her and there was Sponge pants once again looking from across the field, his eyes burning into mine.
I made my escape wandering for ages across the landscape, I could see the view in the distance blighted by smoke billowing factories, I turned away so that all that I could see was fields and hills.
Once again there he was, his two dimensional yellow figure blocking my view. Those intense piercing eyes burning into my face. I could feel myself being mesmerised by him and just knew I had to avert my gaze.
I awoke at this point thankfully.
Have a look at the cartoons eyes, they are freaky and this is meant for children!

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