Monday, 5 December 2011

Uphill struggle, fat thief & murdered family

Last nights adventure had scenes of death and mutilation, so if you are easily shocked then I suggest you don't read on and possibly go and do some flower arranging or something.
It started with my good self riding a bicycle around an extremely complex road and cycle system. My bike has no gears and as soon as I hit the slightest incline, stops suddenly and is impossible to peddle.
I keep having to get off and push it. The cycle path leads underground into a station and I see a really obese man looking at a poster. He starts to chat to me but lets slip that he is a professional pick pocket. I make a hasty retreat.
Next I stop my bike at a house where two children are sitting slumped on the doorstep of the property. Both have shotgun wounds to their heads and are long since dead as their skin is pale white and drained of blood.
I enter the house to find the father, he had a similar fatal injury and is laying in a large pool of his own blood.
As I leave I can hear a news report that a female has been seen to jump off a building crashing through a glass ceiling to her death. In my head I make the connection that she is the mother and has brutally killed her entire family before taking her own life.
I then enter a classroom after leaving my bike outside. I have with me a blue coloured square shaped frisbee and proceed to explain that it doesn't fly very well. No wonder really.
Prior to going to bed I watched Beyonce on the TV and awoke with Single Ladies in my head.

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