Sunday, 1 January 2012

Train bugs, urinals and hot gossip

I spent my dream on a train carriage overseeing the conversion of the compartments into accommodation. This was happening overnight and the rooms needed to be completed by morning in time for breakfast.
The train was stationary and each room was being completed by a different tradesman.
In one room on top of the toilet pan were several plastic boxes containing spiders, bugs and very small plants.
The main room had a sofa bed, a fridge and a urinal in the corner with a flat screen TV directly above it, thus allowing the occupant to pee and not miss a second of their favourite programme.
Morning approached and franticly the final details were being finely tuned in the rooms. A work colleague called Mary had spent the night in one of the rooms and waved goodbye to me as she walked to her car. Unfortunately she had forgotten to dress fully and was in her bra, much to the amusement of the workmen.
A group of teenage girls arrived, one of which was my niece Amy. They are all gossiping about the previous night and about the scandalous behaviour of one of their friends.
I go to the reception of what appears to be a hotel and a really fat man introduces himself as Dave the head chef. He points to a table set for breakfast and asks where everyone else is.
I return to the rooms to find that all the people have vanished and the train carriage is back as just that, a train carriage.
There's no sign that any work has taken place?

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