Sunday, 11 December 2011

Swimming for bacon & laundry basket toilet

I start by swimming in a river with my work colleague Adam. It's a wide river with a fast flowing current. It's hard work to swim in and I'm following Adam as he had promised me a bacon sandwich.
We reach the end of the river and walk into a town full of narrow passageways and I'm really tired from my efforts in the water. Adam excitingly tells me to follow him and runs through a very small alleyway out of my sight. I try to enter but I can't fit and become lodged in between the walls. Adam being small had skipped through and left me behind.
Annoyed I turn back and go to my mums house to sleep. I lay in my old childhood bedroom for a while before deciding I need the toilet.
I get up walk onto the landing and see the laundry basket. Deciding that it's too far to descend the stairs I urinate in the basket over the clothes.
I awake in my own room needing the toilet. Bed check complete and dry. Phew.

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