Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Parking nightmare

Last night I was at home and awaiting the arrival of my family for Christmas, my wife was out too getting some last minute shopping. The house was warm and cosy, fire burning and the homely aroma of food cooking. A perfect festive setting.
That is until the arrival of a huge lorry parking on my driveway. I go outside and protest at the driver who then proceeds to reverse out just as another lorry enters the driveway. I run up to the driver panicking as my families arrival is imminent, but he jumps out of the cab of his lorry and starts to run around the grounds of my house. Just as he does this the police drive in and start to chase the driver. I continue to protest, now directing my annoyance at the police but no one pays any attention and other cars start parking at different angles all over the drive.
One of my cousins arrives and I tell him to go in the house and amuse himself whilst I deal with the ensuing chaos.
This may seem trivial to most, but having things out of uniformed order and not structured is a big thing to some ok!
I also do have a song in my head this morning but I'm struggling to recall it, which is somewhat annoying.

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