Monday, 26 December 2011

Nuclear countdown

I have the song 'You've got a friend' by James Taylor in my head today.
This against the background of a scene of espionage and spies.
The dream began with myself pleading with a Russian villain with his finger hovering over a big red button that will start the countdown to a missile launch that will bring on the destruction of the world.
Nothing I say has any influence on him and he pushes the button and the giant digital clock starts to countdown from 12 minutes, followed by a evil dictators laugh with head thrown back and arms raised.
With only 12 minutes to save the World, my wife decides that she can take up this challenge and promptly jumps into the drivers seat of an American yellow taxi and proceeds to drive it up and down the street randomly.
Next she rams the taxi into the back of a London red bus, she then gets out runs to the front of the bus and holds her hands up to stop the bus from progressing further.
The bus driver gets out of his cab to protest against my wife's behaviour and is met with the best right hand uppercut I have ever seen. Such is the force of the blow that the bus driver is lifted off his feet and lands unconscious on the floor.
I proudly congratulate my wife but also indicate that there is now only 4 minutes left before the end of the known World.
She then runs off down the road holding a large knife which she sharpens on the floor as she runs.
Unfortunately I awoke singing aforementioned song at this point and don't know if my wife saved the World.
I'm sure she did, she's normally very reliable.

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