Monday, 12 December 2011

More bacon, family fights & zombies

This starts with my Son asleep in my mums house. He is an adult now but shows as a boy in the dream. He is shouting down to myself and my sisters in the kitchen demanding a bacon sandwich.
We are all judging his performance and have score cards ready. These have been written on paper with a felt pen.
I then attend along with my sisters, a family gathering at a function room. I start by hugging my relatives and all is good with everyone happy.
The room starts to fill with people to the point where it's crowded and I start to bump into people. A man turns and spits in the face of a female clearly upset at being knocked.
Suddenly the room erupts into violence, aunts and uncles are punching and kicking people in a bloody riot. It's messy and I leave.
I'm next in a city centre, it's new years eve, cold and the streets are full of drunken revellers. The atmosphere is hostile and tense.
Again it erupts in violence with weapons being used, blooded faces and general carnage. I again leave.
Next I arrive at a former house I owned and see that the current owners are in the process of moving in. I help them by walking around the house showing them where everything is. As I take each step a small amount of sand falls out of my right trouser leg depositing a neat pile on their new carpets. I use the toilet only to find its made of cardboard. It leaks all over the floor not surprisingly. I'm asked to leave.
I am next playing a virtual computer game. I am the controller and I am fighting an endless onslaught of zombies. When punched their heads explode and various body parts are filling the room. I continue to fight but I become overwhelmed and start to lose my fight. I'm shouting loudly as I kill them, covered in zombie blood and guts.
This was the point that my long suffering wife decided it was time to wake me before she became a dead zombie!
I really fancy a bacon sandwich.
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