Sunday, 25 December 2011

Let me write this down

12 hours solid sleep did generate a lot of dreaming.
My usual method to prompt me into recalling my night time brain activity is to make notes on my phone and refer to them the next day.
I was busily dreaming away most if the night and instead of adding notes to my phone I was writing down the dreams as they happened in great detail using a pen and note pad.
Brilliant idea so I thought, if in fact I had been doing that and not dreaming that I was writing them down!
I spent no time lying there thinking about my dreams as I normally do to also aid in remembering them because I had written them down.
Now the question is, was I just dreaming that I was writing them down and that was my dream? Or did I have lots of dreams but didn't recall them because I was under the belief that I had recorded them on paper?
Upshot being, that's all I have from last night.
Merry Christmas

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