Thursday, 15 December 2011

Have you seen this fish?

I start last night by driving my car to an unknown destination, on the radio is Never ever, by All Saints, the start of the song where she talks. Which incidentally happened yesterday whilst awake.
I arrive at a pet shop and start looking in all the fish tanks, the shop owner asks if they can help and I show them a picture of a small fish. I have lost this fish and I am desperate to be reunited with it. I leave the shop disappointed having been informed that my missing fish wouldn't last long out of water.
I then board a coach going to Cambridge but I am a child again and it's a school trip.
The teacher is one if my bosses from work and he pretends to be nice to me but I know, just as in work, he hates me and is desperate to see me fail and would delight in punishing me for the slightest error that I make. He checks my homework but is unable to find fault. The annoyance on his face is clear.
I arrive at my old childhood bedroom, look under the bed to find a dressing up box which I excitedly remove and begin to choose my outfit.
I find a bra which I proceed to put on and roll up a pair of socks to insert as breasts. I look in the mirror and appear to be a girl. I'm in a dress have makeup on and high heels!
It is at this point that I awake from my slumber albeit confused.
Still no sign of the fish.
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