Saturday, 3 December 2011

Free coffee, angry man & wet bicycle

Shine let it shine. Today's song by Take That, playing in my head this morning from the Maximus internal juke box.
I begin by being on a train platform with my wife at a Starbucks coffee machine. The machine provides a cup containing all the ingredients for a delicious drink minus the water all for 50p. We were able to take the cup out and then the cash needed to be inserted to get the hot water.
Now this was a no brainier really, we took our cups boarded the train and got some boiling water from the buffet free of charge. Simples.
Next I'm knocking on the front door of a house looking for the Uncle of a man to inform him that his nephew has been arrested and is being held at the police station.
I enter the house only to find the nephew sitting in the living room but still talk to the uncle as if he wasn't there.
The nephew starts to shout and gets abusive towards us both. We both tell him to shut up as he isn't really there.
Next I'm taking the nephew to the train station as he has a ticket but has clearly missed his departure as the station is in darkness.
I tell him to sleep on the platform for the arrival of the next train. At which point angry nephew becomes increasingly angry and pulls a knife out on me. Taking exception to this I proceed to punch him in the face to make sure that he is clear of my displeasure.
Finally I'm riding a push bike in the pouring rain attempting to get home. A van drives past me at speed, splashing me. I wave my fist at him and attempt, in vain to chase after the driver. I am peddling with all my might but getting nowhere. Another van drives along side of me and the occupant looks at me and says, "that's somewhat annoying".
I'm not impressed.

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