Saturday, 31 December 2011

Floral hole & Indian phone trick

I begin by going to a house that has a restaurant diner style set up in the kitchen. I'm talking to an unknown woman who is complaining about everyone and everything.
The room is full of other diners and the woman's child is on a table on her own ordering food and talking like an adult despite being a baby. I dreamt about a talking baby the other night, I'm beginning to think they can engage in conversation.
I leave the house having had enough of the woman's moaning.
Her front garden has large holes in it and I skirt around the edge to avoid them, I pull up the corner of the grass and remove the whole lawn just like pulling back a carpet.
It reveals a massive square hole that has a drop of about 20 feet, the walls of the hole are covered in floral wallpaper.
Next I'm walking our dog with my wife and he runs off after a black lab, we run after him passing hundreds of people all of which seem to know our dog and love him. They point out where he is and we are reunited with him.
As we continue to walk an Indian man approaches us and asks me for a friend of mines phone number. As my friend is also Indian, I just assume that the man knows him.
I pull out my phone to discover it has a picture of the Indian man on it. He tells me to try another pocket and I pull out another phone, again with his picture on it.
The man smiles and winks and walks off taking the phones with him.
I think he may have stolen my phone Doh!
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