Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Five finger discount & train fight

Prior to going to sleep I was looking at bedding on the Marks & Spencer web site.
My dream begins with myself and my wife in Marks & Spencer shopping. I decide to award myself a discount of 100% by walking out without paying.
Despite needing a new bed set in my waking hours, in my slumber I leave the store with an upright Hoover and a bag of crisps. I walk past the security door and it doesn't go off, we make our escape onto the London underground.
Just as we get onto a train my wife sits down and a black male sits next to her pushing me out of the way.
My wife politely asks the male if he could move to one of the other empty seats to allow me to sit next to her.
The male, who is American, grumbles but gets up from the seat. As he does he pushes me and I take hold of his arm and bend it behind his back.
Suddenly other black Americans are joining the fight, we are outnumbered but our fellow passengers on the train join our side and a mass brawl erupts.
I did have my sleep interrupted by the alarm this morning so I don't know the outcome of the fight. But I'd say we were holding our own.

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