Sunday, 18 December 2011

Eminem & my cunning shed car

I begin by being at work walking around a building site that is going to be demolished, it has scaffold around it and warning signs to keep out.
My work mate for the day is rapper Eminem and we are walking the perimeter of the building discussing the best way to bring the building down as apart from being a controversial rap artist, he is also a pyrotechnics expert.
A bus drives past with an attractive blonde female driver, she smiles at my bleach haired companion and I wolf whistle at her thinking it's me she is looking at.
I put my hand into my pocket and crack a chickens egg which I then hold in my cupped palm so that it doesn't spill onto floor, I'm carrying this egg for ages not knowing what to do with it.
It's then home time, we both go into an underground car park where my car is parked. I show Eminem my clever invention for avoiding car parking charges as I have transformed the outer extremities of my vehicle into a garden shed.
As we get into my shed car and leave, Kiss from a rose sung by Seal plays us out of the dream.
I'm still holding the broken egg.

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