Friday, 16 December 2011

Elvis has left the toast

Do do do do, da da da da, that's all I want to say to you. What a stupid song title Sting, what was you thinking? And why is it in my head?!
I'm walking in familiar territory along the streets where I grew up. I'm heading towards a semi detached council house to visit Elvis Presley. And there's you thinking he never visited the UK, well in my world he lives alone on a housing estate in Essex.
I enter the house only to find he has died and been taken away. In the kitchen is some freshly made toast that the so called king of rock n roll had made himself prior to his demise.
Not wishing to waste it and being somewhat hungry I eat it and set off again only to find the streets deep in snow. I see a woman in her front garden who mocks me as I tread carefully through the icy pavement falling to my knees.
I point at her and a spark emits from my finger and shoots an electric shock in her face and ends her mockery.
I continue home to find my younger sister as a child again and she is in the kitchen making cheese on toast, she shares it with me and I tell her all about Elvis dying.
Elvis did actually visit the UK, he landed at Prestwick airport, Scotland, in March 1960 to refuel on his way back from Germany at the end of military service.

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