Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cruise ship Dame Edna, special people & dead boy

Hold tight there's lots from last night.
I am on a cruise ship sitting in the lounge bar being entertained by Dame Edna Everage. With me is Richy who I work with. Dame Edna informs Richy that he is a naughty possum and must have a shirt on in the lounge and I take him to my cabin to lend him one.
I find him a shirt but then notice an elderly gentleman using my bathroom. He just waves hello as he stands there shaving in his boxer shorts. We leave and head back to the lounge but can't get past a large group of people coming towards us. All have learning difficulties and are being taken for a walk by Siobhan, another work colleague who is holding their hands.
I then enter a prison waiting room where I find my deceased dad sitting and he is crying. I comfort him as he tells me that I can visit any time but he can never leave where he is now. I take my dad out for a walk along the river Thames to see the boats and he seems happier.
I am then suddenly in a morgue and I am measuring a dead boy that is laying on the cold slab. He is around 9 years old is wrapped in a white sheet.

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