Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bombed London, psychotic man & dad dancing

Making up for last night, I seemed to have dreamt all night.
The journey begins with me in a department store looking at a made up bedroom display. I walk down the stairs only to find they are not real and I become stuck in a very narrow gap. I start to panic and immediately I'm woken by my wife who has been disturbed by my thrashing in the bed.
I return to sleep and next I'm talking to my work colleague Kev and we are in some kind of hotel complex. I need the toilet and Kev directs me to the gents.
The bathroom is a massive room full of urinals, baths and toilets that are not in cubicles but in a line against the wall. People are sitting on the toilets doing their business and appear unconcerned by the lack of privacy.
I on the other hand am not so open with my lavatory activities and leave.
Next I'm walking in London, everywhere is bombed, no building is recognisable, the whole city is a scene of apocalyptic horror.
I'm crawling in and out of the demolished mess trying to find any sign of life. I find a man with a pudding basin style hair cut who hands me £5.
I go on my way happy with my cash and no longer concerned about the end of our capital city.
I turn up in the countryside and a male suddenly attacks me for no reason.
He is a total nutter with psychotic eyes, I'm punching him as hard as I can in the face and he just keeps saying, "Is that all you've got!"
I pull out a can of pepper spray and empty the contents into his face, still he goads me and I smash the tin on his head.
I realise that this is perhaps a fight that I may not win and decide on a tactical retreat.
Next I'm attending a formal dinner party along with my wife at our neighbours house. Everyone is dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns.
We all sit round a very tiny table that is completely devoid of decoration and cutlery. There's too many people to fit around the table and our host seems a little embarrassed by this.
Another guest enters dressed in a shirt and Bermuda shorts. I take him out of the room and have a discreet word and he leaves.
I rejoin the dinner party to find my wife and our neighbour dancing the dad dance in the middle of the room.
I leave them to it and wander around the huge house. I enter a room that has a swimming pool that's over looking stunning views of the Spanish countryside, which is slightly odd as I was in England when I entered the house.
My younger sister is sitting by the pool too, I sit and chat for ages saying how lovely the surroundings are.
I awoke at this point feeling fairly tired I must say.

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