Saturday, 24 December 2011

Assault course public house

My mum, wife and myself are off to York to stay in a very old pub for three days.
We arrive to see that the bar area is full and decide to deposit our luggage in the room and then go back down to eat.
The landlady of the Inn is extremely welcoming and shows us to our accommodation.
The stairs are narrow and the ceiling in places is very low. We bend and twist our way up the three floors, becoming more and more contorted as we ascend.
The landlady drops down into the room we are staying in by climbing trough a tiny gap in the floor. As she falls in the room she turns upside down reviling her knickers, which are red and frilly.
We then all avert our eyes as my elderly mother falls into the room in a most undignified manner but don't offer her any assistance.
Once in the room my mother decides she doesn't like the room and would prefer one on the ground floor!

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