Friday, 30 December 2011

4x4, cardboard coffin & high winds

I am crawling on my hands and knees in the street pushing along a toy 4x4 jeep. Every now and then a real full size version of the jeep stops and the driver looks at me. Each time this happens I crawl faster and get away from them.
I'm next in the waiting room of a hospital, it's busy and to pass the time I construct a coffin using cardboard boxes and Sellotape, it's full size and I line it with plastic bags. In my mind I'm making the coffin for my work colleague Derek, who by the way is still alive.
I notice that during my building of Derek's casket everyone has been seen and I'm the only one in the waiting room. I approach the reception desk to find all the nursing staff having a de brief at the end of their shift. I'm abruptly informed that I missed my turn due to my macabre creation.
I'm next at home and in my garden, it is very windy and my dog starts to bark at a tiny miniature dog that is in the corner of my garden. I take it inside and phone the number on its tag. The lady on the phone asks me how long my dog has been missing and just doesn't grasp the fact I have found it. I hang up the phone in frustration.
I look out of the window to see my bed in the middle of my lawn and the wind catching my quilt and it flies off like a kite into the distance, lost forever.
I think I kept the dog.
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