Sunday, 13 November 2011

Road Hog

I'm in my mums living room with a border collie dog which is restless and wants to go out. Myself and my wife then get into my car and take him out for a drive. Not a great deal of exercise involved for the dog but it's a dream, I don't make the rules up.
Driving along a country road I become agitated by a car tailgating and attempting to over and undertake me. My wife tells me to remain calm and ignore it but I become increasingly annoyed at the drivers actions.
The car then undertakes me on the narrow road and as I look left into the passing car I notice that the driver is a pig. A medium sized pink pig which is not clothed.
The car then turned right following a road sign that says 'pigs', I, in my annoyance with having being undertaken by a farmyard animal end up in the right hand lane behind it and have to turn right also, clearly going the wrong way as it was a pigs only right turn.
There does seem a moral to this dream in that remaining calm whilst going about your business will result in you not getting angry and distracted, taking you on a road you don't want to be on in life.
Not sure about the pig?

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