Saturday, 19 November 2011

Transporter 3.5

In this second dream from last nights busy brain activity I am back in the same partly derelict house from the previous dream.
This time it's very straight forward in that i'm about to be killed by the villain from the film Transporter 3.
He has spat a poison dart into the back of my head and I'm feeling slightly wobbly.
I am aware that I only have a short time to act so I use what time I have left to repeatably stab him in the chest and back with a carving knife with a white handle.
As the bad guy sits slumped against the wall bleeding, he looks at me and attempts to speak in true movie fashion. I spoil the plot a little by holding his head up and delivering a expert cut to his wind pipe and ending his bad guy status.
I woke at this point, checked my wife for bleeding and went back to sleep

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