Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Toilet related broken bone

Last night I was in a house that was in need of re decorating. There was a man with his wife and they were under my expert guidance, stripping all the old wallpaper from the walls.
In the middle of the open plan living room was a toilet, not sure about the privacy issues surrounding this but there it was in the middle of the room. The man was up a ladder eagerly removing paper, I looked round and saw that his wife had removed a whole wall of paper along with the plaster right down to the brick.
Said man was most displeased at this and began to shout and franticly wave his arms in a show of his annoyance. This resulted in angry husband falling backwards and landing on the toilet, his right femur bone snapping in two as he made contact with porcelain.
I made arrangement for an ambulance and left. As I walked out I was in my mums rear garden. In the garden was a huge oak tree with branches that spanned into every neighbouring garden. I just stared at it in wonder.
There is no oak tree in my mums garden.

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