Thursday, 3 November 2011

To me, to you.......

I'm walking to the underground station in the town where I grew up. Up the hill and into the entrance where the auto ticket machines are and a little window that houses that rare sight, a London underground employee.
As I approach the window I notice that someone is with me, it's someone I recognise. It's Barry or Paul Chuckle of chuckle-vision fame. I say Barry or Paul as I can't distinguish the two wrinkle faced northern moustached entertainers.
Anyway which ever one it was I appeared to be the other brother.
Both Paul and myself or Barry and myself attempt to buy a train ticket.
I pass a £10 note to the ticket man, "to you" I say, it slides back from within the glass window, "to you" he says. " To me" I than hand it to Barry/Paul, " to you" ...... You get the picture.
And on it goes for some considerable time.
This is the only part of the dream that I recall.
Please don't ever attempt to analyse my dreams it will invariably result in my visit to one of our more secure establishments. I'm all for care in the community.

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