Sunday, 27 November 2011

Shut that door Frenchy

Another dream in two parts.
Starting off in a cafe I enter and ask for a cup of tea. The lady taking the orders is very chatty and friendly and gets very distracted engaging in conversations with everyone.
Then enters popular light entertainer and one time host of the Generation game in the 1970s, Larry Grayson.
Dressed in a fine suit with waistcoat, hair all styled and looking like the trademark camp presenter he was famous for being. The only difference being it was my work colleague Timmy.
Larry/Timmy asks for a cup of tea and a sandwich and immediately gets his tea, to which I take exception as I still haven't received mine due to the woman's chattering.
She shouts through to the back for the chef to make the sandwich and another work colleague called Terry pops his head out, which has a traditional chefs hat sat upon it.
Terry moans about wasting his skills on making sandwiches and I decide to leave as I still haven't had my tea.
I start to walk down the street towards my mums house and bump into my dearly departed dad. We chat and laugh and continue walking.
Then we notice that two French onion sellers on bikes are taunting us from across the street. They are dressed in stereotypical black and white stripped tops, berets and have a string of onions around their necks.
My dad and I take offence at this and proceed to tip them from their bikes. After a few swift punches to the head we turn them upside down inserting them onto the spiked railings of the library.
With the French taken care of we proceed to chat and wander on our way home.

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