Tuesday, 22 November 2011

River of vomit

I, along with my wife am sat part way up a large auditorium that is set in the middle of a city centre. We are waiting for a speaker to entertain us and there is not an empty seat.
I lay on my front and have a little sleep whilst waiting. After a few minutes I look up and an American style fire truck is driving towards me and I sit up as it just misses hitting me.
Just as this happens the speaker starts and immediately says 'can Maximus please join me at the front'. I look around hoping no one knows me and ignore the speaker.
It is at this point that people start to move down from the auditorium, slowly at first with a few gentle nudges as they pass. But then panic starts to set in and people are getting knocked over in the ensuing rush.
At the very top standing on its own is a girl about 10 years old and she is projectile vomiting. Its a virtual river of sick, it's picking up speed as it flows down towards us slashing people, leaving them covered in the child's puke.
The speaker uses the microphone to alert everyone and we manage to run into a shop and watch as the river washes passed with other less unfortunate people being swept away as we look on in horror unable to save them from their sick soaked demise.
Just to dispel the rumour, there were no carrot chunks.

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