Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pillow punch intruder & ginger broken nose

A two part dream where I awoke in between and then returned to sleep to dream the second part.
I'm laying in bed not sure if I'm awake or dreaming. I can hear someone knocking at the front door and then my wife's voice saying, "your not coming in".
They then start to bang on my bedroom window. It's this point that I realise for two reasons that I am in a dream, one my wife is currently away. And two, my dog would be barking at an intruder. Or should be.
I lay there increasingly becoming annoyed at my disturbed slumber and get to the point that I am going to sort him out. I walk through the house naked, I open the front door and see a shadowy figure that rushes towards me. Instinctively I step to one side and punch him full in the face as hard as I can twice, so hard that my wrist hurts. Its the point that I am delivering the punches that I awake to find that I am pummelling the pillow on the other side if the bed. The same pillow that my wife's head would have been on had she been home! My wrist actually hurting.
The second part is slightly different in that I am watching it rather than appearing in it.
The setting is an American style 1960s house similar to the one in Happy Days.
Two brothers are talking about the time that one of them opened the door and the other ran into them causing the other to have a broken nose. They laugh and joke about it and open the front door to leave, just as a small ginger haired boy runs in and smashes the same brother in the face, causing his nose to be broken again.
The boy continues to run passed and up the stairs, pausing mid way up to deliver his line of, "that was predictable wasn't it". There is the sound of canned laughter and the camera switches to the audience.
They are all straight faced and also all in black and white.

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