Sunday, 20 November 2011

Phone box bungee

I start by having a leisurely stroll around a country estate with my wife and our dog.
There are huge tree lined paths, sloping hills and it's a fresh autumnal day.
We find a lovely pub and decide to pop in. Once inside we meet the lady of the manor who we rent a small cottage from. We chat and she leaves but forgets her coat and walking cane.
Next I am in a red telephone box with two other guys that I have never met. It's bigger on the inside as all three of us fit comfortably within.
We start to prank call people then decide as the postman is about to deliver a parcel through the phone boxes letterbox, (no I wasn't aware they had letter boxes), that we will set up a trap. We devise an elastic bungee cord in the letterbox so that the parcel pings back at him when inserted.
At this point I'm aware that my arm is being held and I start to pull but I'm met with resistance.
There is a little confusion at this point as I awake and realise that I have my arm around my wife and I pull it from her and slap her arse.
Upon discussions on this matter my wife has no memory of this so it may have still been part of the dream. Maximus would like to state that he is not responsible for any loss injury or damage caused during dream time.

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