Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nothing compares to clothes

Another morning that I have awoken with a song in my head.
Today it is 'nothing compares to you' by Sinead O'Connor. Haven't heard that song in ages but it must be lodged deep in my brains music files under the slightly haunting with a weird singer section.
Last night I was at my mums house and we were preparing to go to a function or wedding of some kind and were getting our clothing ready. When I say we, this was myself and two females that were masquerading as my sisters. I have no idea who they were but they said they were my sisters and I seemed to accept this.
I loaded up one of my imposter siblings arms full of clothes and I was just left carrying a toothbrush. We wandered off down the street like this, not once contemplating using a suitcase or any kind of carrying devise.
We arrive at my place of work and whilst sitting at our desks we are being observed by our supervisor called Matt.
Everyone is whispering to each other saying that Matt is not to be trusted and he will stab you in the back given the chance. Matt sits in his office looking through the glass window and scowls at everyone.
Incidentally Sinead O'Connor is still singing and is campaigning against abuse of children in the Catholic church. She has four children each by a different father. But please don't judge her.

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